You Know You’re a 90s Kid if…

For most of us, whether you realize it or not, our lives are still impacted by the most incredible decade, the 1990s.

Sure, you’re all grown up now, but here are some sure tell signs you’re a 90s kid.

  • You miss BlockBuster.
  • You still watch Home Alone at least 3 times a year. “Keep the change you filthy animal.”
  • You still have heated debates over who was better. Whitney or Mariah?
  • You can recite the lyrics to Gangsters Paradise.
  • TRL was part of your daily routine.
  • Your AIM name and away message had to be perfect.
  • You decked your bike out in police gear like Devin Butler from Cop and a Half. “Is there a Bobo in the house”?
  • You understand this: Pissing the night away. I get knocked down, but get up again, you’re never going to keep me down!
  • You put your thing down, flipped it,and reversed it. “itsyerperminuteandanyan”
  • You had Kris Kross and Red Hot Chili Peppers on cassette.
  • You thought you had the coolest slammer (Pogs).
  • You wanted to be like Mike.
  • Your hero brought pollution down to zero.
  • You thought you knew where in the world is Carmen San Diego was.
  • You dreamed of being a blue barracuda, scaling the Aggro Crag, or picking a giant snot-filled nose.
  • You had a pair of pumps.
  • You still can’t resist saying… “iiiiiin west Philadelphia born and raised”
  • The only reason you had a NOKIA cell phone was to play snake and call your mom.
  • You collected baseball cards.
  • You were a wa-wa-wild and crazy kid.
  • You thought working on a dude ranch was cool.
  • You saluted your shorts.
  • You put on a little coat and said “Richard, what’s happening”
  • You want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?
  • You know the origin of BOOMSHAKALAKA.

What’s your favorite part of being a 90s kid?