Finding the Best River Fishing Kayak in 2017 | Beginner’s Guide

In case you’re hoping to put a greater amount of your assets in your fishing kayak, our most loved top of the line demonstrate is the Hobie Mirage Outback.

What makes this one genuinely intriguing is its “Hobie Mirage Drive”— a special accelerating highlight not seen in numerous different models. While the Mirage Outback can be paddled like whatever other fishing kayak, clients can likewise select to utilize an arrangement of pedals situated before the seat to control and move around. This leaves your hands free to fish. At 33 inches wide, the Mirage Outback is likewise extremely steady, and is most at home in expansive waterways like lakes. It additionally accompanies a retractable rudder for better following and mobility.

The Mirage Outback likewise comes stuffed with huge amounts of amazing components, including pole holders, a rigging basin and a freight region. On the off chance that you crave switching up your drifting schedule a bit, the Mirage Outback likewise accompanies a sail mount.


While the possibility of pedals on a kayak may invoke dreams of moderate moving and lumbering oar vessels, all commentators were huge fanatics of the MirageDrive highlight. Proprietors state that the MirageDrive is a quick and helpful approach to get around that enabled them to keep their hands free to fish. All things considered, you can scarcely cast a line with an oar in your grasp!

The pedals settle on this one an astounding decision for individuals who need to angle a stream without floating consistently downstream. You can pedal yourself set up while you angle. Past purchasers said the pedals are likewise a more helpful approach to move against high winds.

The seat on this model is another broadly adulated highlight. It’s customizable, enabling clients to set the most ergonomic position for paddling or accelerating. The seat additionally has lumbar support—awesome news for anglers with terrible backs. It’s an a great deal more agreeable outline than different models at this cost, and additionally more costly alternatives.

Similarly as with the Stealth 14, commentators of the Mirage Outback noticed the steadiness of this one, which they say can deal with streams and wakes effortlessly.

Proprietors additionally cherish the measure of available freight that the Outback gives. With pockets, bar holders and storage room, this model enables you to bring all the apparatus you requirement for the ride. It’s even more extensive than the Stealth 14, and has a wide range of various stockpiling alternatives. There are cupholders of various sizes, cubbies on the highest point of the body, bungee pockets, and some extra brings forth all through the body. You’ll additionally have the back well and long running racks for general stockpiling.


The cost of this model will probably be the fundamental downside for clients. In spite of the fact that couple of proprietors lament the buy, the Mirage Outback is in no way, shape or form a reasonable model.

For a few, the non-conventional accelerating alternative may not be engaging.

The Mirage Outback is on the heavier side, and paddling long separations will turn into an errand. The weight likewise makes it more hard to proceed onward arrive without anyone else’s input, so some kayakers may need to enroll the assistance of a companion .


A standout amongst the most fascinating top of the line kayaks around, about each analyst was content with their buy of the Hobie Mirage Outback. This kayak is quick, stable, and enables fishermen to angle in a hurry without the assistance of a motor.

It may not be for everybody, but rather for master fishers hoping to amplify their execution on their next kayak trip, the Mirage Outback is completely justified regardless of a look.