Popular 90s Candy

The 1990s were an innovative time for Candy. Here’s a look at the most popular 90s candy.

  • Pop Rocks – A party in your mouth. ‘Nuff said.


  • Bubble Tape – 6 feet of awesomeness wrapped up in a package that looked like a Stanley tape measure.


  • Push Pops – Instead of gnawing on your glue stick, you’d be lucky to have one of these push pops in your lunch.

Push Pops

  • Air Heads – The white wrapper was always the mystery flavor…what flavor was it anyway?



  • War Heads – Ruined my childhood.  I still don’t enjoy anything sour due to this wicked treat.



  • Jaw Breakers-  I wonder how many other kids kept one of these half eaten giant jaw breakers for three days on their night stand…




  • Ring Pops – Made elementary school proposals official for years.

ring pop

  • Runts – You either love or hate the banana ones.


  • Laffy Taffy – Great candy, better jokes!

laffy taffy


Post your favorite 90s candy in the comments below…

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