Best 90s Drinks

Sugary, colorful, caffeinated goodness!

90s drinks were insane, and there were a ridiculous number of options to choose from too. The caffeine craze was just beginning, fruit juice was all the rage, and neon colored soda was somehow the in thing. For the sake of nostalgia, here are some of the best 90s drinks and their unforgettable taglines. Enjoy.

90s drinks - fruitopia

“We just want to make you feel good”

90s drinks - Surge

“With carbos. Feed the rush!”

Sunny D

90s drinks - Sunny D

“The good stuff kids go for”

Nestle Quik

90s drinks - Nestle Quik

“It’s magic in the making”


90s drinks - Hi-C

“Box that rocks”

UPDATE: MTV Reports that Hi-C Ecto Cooler might be making a comeback.

Capri Sun
90s drinks - Capri-Sun

“Liquid Cool”

Cherry Coke
90s drinks - Cherry Coke

“Always Coca-Cola”

90s drinks - Squeezitt

“Go ahead, squeeeeze the fun out of it”

90s drinks - Kool-Aid

“Wacky wild Kool-Aid Style”

90s drinks - Sprite

“Image is nothing. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst”


Popular ’90s Candy