90s Cereal, the Golden Age of Breakfast Cereal

The 90s brought us some of the best cereal known to kidkind.

Waking up to a delicious bowl of breakfast cereal was a serious treat. Not only were 90s cereals loaded with sugar and full of great taste, but almost every box came with a game or toy that transformed breakfast into play time. The commercials were incredibly catchy too. They certainly don’t make them like they used to, that’s for sure. Here’s a look back at the best 90s cereal.

18. Wheaties Dunk-A-Balls

90s cereal - dunk-a-balls

Kids loved it, parents hated it. Made only in 1994, the Dunk-A-Balls box included a basketball hoop cutout in which you could dunk your cereal through.

17. Berry Berry Kix

Berry Berry Kix

Oh the berry berry tasted so berry nice.

16. Cracklin’ OatBran

90s cereal - cracklin oatbran

Oats and Bran. How was this even good? Oh yeah, sugar!

15. Trix

90s cereal - trix

Super fruity with pretty cool shapes. The commercials were catchy too. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

90s cereal - turtles cereal

Not the best tasting 90s cereal, but was there anything better than TMNT cereal, in a TMNT bowl, while watching TMNT cartoons?

13. Golden Grahams

90s cereal - golden grahams

Cookies for breakfast!? I guess things did get better.

12. Apples Jacks

90s cereal - apple jacks

We eat what we like.

11. Cookie Crisp

90s cereal - cookie crisp

Coooookie Crisp! More cookies for breakfast? Yes please!

10. Honeycomb

90s cereal - honey-comb

Big taste and the shapes were rad! Andre the Giant commercials were pretty cool too.

9. Corn Pops

90s cereal - corn pops

I never knew corn could taste so good. Gotta have my pops!

8. Cocoa Puffs

90s cereal - cocoa puffs

Cocoa Puffs have been around for decades, but they more than held their own in the 90s. Hands down the best chocolate cereal of all time.

7. Cap’n Crunch

90s cereal - cap'n crunch

Incredible taste with a ton of variations. It seemed like every cereal brand was trying to knock them off.

6. Rice Krispies

90s cereal - rice krispies

Only in the 90s could you get Razzle Dazzle, Marshmallow, Apple Cinnamon, Honey, and Halloween themed Rice Krispies. Snap! Crackle! Pop!

5. Froot Loops

90s cereal - froot loops

One of the most sugary cereals of all time, and one of the best mascots as well. Toucan Sam sure knew how to sell cereal.

4. French Toast Crunch

90s cereal - french toast crunch

Delicious french toast taste in little toast shaped bites. Talk about innovation.

3. Honey Nut Cheerios

90s cereal - honey nut cheerios

An all-time classic with serious staying power, and a staple in every kids pantry.

2. Frosted Flakes

90s cereal - frosted flakes

Another classic with epic commercials. They’re GR-R-REAT! And so was Ken Griffey Jr.

1. Lucky Charms

90s cereal - lucky charms

Arguably the best cereal of all time. Those crunchy marshmallows were out of this world, and you can thank the 90s for many of the marshmallow shapes.

What’s your favorite 90s cereal?

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