4 Best Secret NBA Jam Players

4. George Clinton (P-Funk) – Mr. Funk got his own NBA Jam character and easily had the best looking avatar in the whole game. Cheat Code: Put in DI and the highlight S. Hold the L button down and hit A.

George Clinton NBA Jam
P-Funk Vs Mavericks!

3. Warren Moon – Who doesn’t like a two sport athlete? He could shoot, but could’t dunk the ball to save his life. Cheat Code: Put in SA and the highlight X. Hold the L and R buttons down and hit X

Warren Moon NBA Jam
Warren Moon!

2.  Vice President Al Gore – Who doesn’t like playing with the “inventor” of the internet and all around bad ass vice president of the United States? Al Gore checks in as our number 2 favorite secret NBA Jam character. Cheat Code: Put in NE and the highlight T. Hold the L and R buttons down and hit A.

Al Gore NBA Jam
VP Al Gore

1. Bill Clinton – Everyone’s favorite 1990’s President and saxophone artist (suck it Kenny G), Bill Clinton was your favorite hidden character. Cheat Code: Put in AR and the highlight RK. Hold the Start and L buttons down and hit X.

Bill Clinton NBA Jam
Billy Clinton is dunking on you!

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