Best MTV Shows of the 90s

Nothing was better than MTV in the 90s. MTV kick-started reality television (the Real World), mixed in special reports (MTV News with Kurt Loder) and brought music videos to epic new heights (Total Request Live). Here’s a look back at the best MTV shows of the 90s.

10. MTV News

best MTV shows

Kurt Loder and Serena Altchul were MTV legends. Loder was the first to report the death of Kurt Cobain.

9. Loveline

best MTV shows

The ultimate TV/Radio show hybrid… with hilariously bad advise.

8. Singled Out

Wildly successful dating show hosted by the beautiful Jenny McCarthy.

7. MTV Video Music & Movie Awards

best MTV shows

MTV award shows embodied everything you could ever want from the 90s!

6. Road Rules/The Challenge

best MTV shows

The Real Word’s sister show pioneered travel/adventure reality TV. RV life was pretty exciting!

5. Daria

best MTV shows

One of MTV’s highest rated shows ever. Daria was funny, smart, and criminally underrated.

4. Celebrity Deahtmatch

best MTV shows

This show had it all. Blood, comedy, and celebrities beating the living clay out of each other.

3. Beavis and Butthead

best MTV shows

Incredibly immature and stupid, which made Beavis and Butthead so funny! An MTV classic, and one of the best cartoons from the 90s.

2. The Real World

best MTV shows

Revolutionized MTV, transforming the music video channel into a drama-driven network.

1. Total Request Live (TRL)

best MTV shows

The best MTV show of the 90s, TRL was the afternoon snack for an entire generation.