15 Toys from the 90s Every Boy Had

Remember these? Here’s a lisat of 15 toys from the 90s every boy had. Enjoy!

Talk Boy

If Home Alone taught us anything, its how to stop an intruder and embarrass your family.


toys from the 90s - gameboy

Revolutionized long car rides and doctors appointments. Time-out didn’t seem so bad with one of these either.

Sega Game Gear

toys from the 90s - Sega Game Gear

Also great for road trips, but even better on the playground. My personal favorites: Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat.


toys from the 90s - pogs

Every boy in the 90s had a set of Pogs at some point in their childhood. Whether you were good or bad, you were always rated on your slammer.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

toys from the 90s - teenage mutant ninja turtles

Heroes in a half shell, more like the greatest action figures ever! Shredder never stood a chance.<

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

toys from the 90s - power rangers

Pretty sure they ripped off Voltron Force, but whatever. The show and toys were sweet!

Troll Dolls

toys from the 90s - troll dolls

Come on, admit it. Even boys loved these.

Mighty Max

toys from the 90s - mighty max

It fits in your pocket and you had an adventure… I always lost Max though. Definitely one of the more underrated toys from the 90s.

Super Soakers

toys from the 90s - super soaker

Super Soaker 2000! Welcome to the big leagues in water gun fights. If you didn’t have one of these toys, just go home and play in the kiddy pool.

Nintendo 64

toys from the 90s - Nintendo 64

N64 revolutionized gaming in the 90s. Golden Eye, Mario Cart, Smash Bros, Turok, Wave Race… Thanks Mom!

Laser Challenge

toys from the 90s - Laser Challenge

Time to go battle your friends in the backyard. Show no mercy, just hope you had the riffle.


toys from the 90s - K'nex

It was like Legos married Lincoln Logs and had one awesome baby. Do I wanna build a Ferris Wheel, um yeah!

Nerf Guns

toys from the 90s - nerf

If you didn’t have one of these you were lame. Just hope your mom bought you the one with multiple shots or laser sighting.


toys from the 90s - Gak

I don’t know what this stuff was, but I always wanted it. It always made some interesting noises and stretched for days.

Exosquad Action Figures

.toys from the 90s - exosquad

One of the greatest childhood shows ever.