11 Best Cartoons from the 90s

From Hey Arnold to X-Men, check out these 11 amazing cartoons from the 90s.

11) Dragon Ball Z – DBZ had so many great things about it and introduced many children to a Japanese style of cartoon. The fight scenes were epic and the plot was fun. This 90s cartoon was much better than the live action movie that came to be. Kamehameha!!

Cartoons from the 90s - Dragon Ball Z

10) Rugrats – I know, they were babies, but we still watched them. Tommy Pickles was a true boy among babies. I still don’t understand why Angelica was so mean.

Cartoons from the 90s - Rugrats

9) Hey Arnold – He was the pioneer in football shaped heads and he lived in the middle of a city. Arnold was the nerdy cool kid on the block that Helga really liked. Mad props to Gerald by the way.

8) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – How could you not like these pizza eating ninja turtle cartoons from the 90s? Everyone always had a favorite and they always kicked Shredders butt! Master Splinter knew what he was doing. (Related Article: Top 13 toys for boys in the 90’s)

Cartoons from the 90s - TMNT

7) Captain Planet – With your powers combined… this show made environmentalism cool. Though the kids were essentially worthless when it came to the show, Captain Planet knew how to bring polluters down to zero. Check out the official Captain Planet Facebook Page.

Cartoons from the 90s - Captain Planet

6) Ren & Stimpy – Happy happy joy joy, Ren & Stimpy was meant for adult swim. Booger collections and fart jokes galore, this show had everything a 10 year old could want.

Cartoons from the 90s - Ren and Stimpy

5) Beavis and Butthead – Two losers that were always trying to score, but certainly one of the best MTV shows of the 90s.


4) Doug – Oh Doug, you finally got Patty Mayonnaise and you couldn’t make it work. He did have a sweet dog and a best friend named Skeeter. Quail Man away!

3) X-Men – This show was ahead of its time, and cracks the top 3 in our list for best cartoons from the 90s. Mutant powers, a story line and an epic love triangle between Jean Gray, Cyclops & Wolverine. If only they could have killed off Jubilee.

cartoons from the 90s - X-men

2) South Park – A powerhouse of animation and still a great satire on American pop-culture. These 4 boys from Colorado came a long way since their early paper cut out days.


1) The Simpsons – The king of all cartoons from the 90s, the Simpsons have essentially done everything. Homer and the gang cruised through this decade without a sweat and kept us all laughing. My son is also named Bort… classic. Watch Full Episodes

Cartoons from the 90s - the Simpsons

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